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Dr. Pillai is a highly acclaimed global thought leader and creator of MindScience. Having mastered the link between mind and matter, he has taught millions of people around the world to transform...

What is the Pillai HoPE Center ?

The Pillai HoPE Center's mission is to create expanded awareness, joy, healing and abundance to the hearts and minds of our members, participants and to the world. We believe a global revolution of conscious awareness is possible through the transformation of a single person, who in turn transforms another by example.

The Pillai HoPE Center provides educational services and fire labs to alleviate the many levels of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual suffering we all too often experience. Dr. Pillai has said that one of the fastest ways to transform yourself and your life is through fire labs.

Transforming through Fire Labs

“Fire holds the secrets of heaven. This will be the age of miracles. I encourage you to participate in fire labs.”   ~ Dr. Pillai

Fire labs are elemental invocations of divine archetypes, which represent a particular energy that vibrates within us. This spiritual technology of a fire lab enlivens these archetypal energies within our consciousness and allows them to flourish in our lives- in both spiritual and material ways.

The fire labs are one of the fastest ways to change your life.  Track your progress and watch how the transformations take shape and miracles unfold.

Be Blessed by the Siddhas

The term Siddha literally means ‘perfected one’.  Four Siddha masters from the Tamil tradition in Southern India, who attained omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence, have embodied particular rocks at the Pillai HoPE Center to make their energetic presence available in the physical reality.

A Siddha Blessing is a daily offering made to the four Siddhas: Agastya, Kakabushunda, Bhogar and Vishvamitra. The rocks come alive as they are anointed with water, milk and flowers.  Through this spiritual technology, the Siddhas bestow upon us abundant blessings.

It is with eternal compassion and grace that these masters are here to assist humanity in discovering our true essence of divine light known as Arul- the light of Super Intelligence.

We Are Grateful To Our Monthly Members

A simple way to participate in Pillai HoPE Center is to join our Monthly Membership program at one of five levels of service. This core support helps us to keep the doors open and underwrites our public service programs. We invite you to join one of the levels of our Monthly Member Program

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