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Quick Results With 8th Moon Fire Lab & Kalki Karuppasamy

I wanted to share an interesting "break through" that happened today. I've been doing several things and praying for a change in a difficult circumstance. Today after dropping off my rent check and wondering how I was going to survive financially, I saw my friend from Hong Kong who owns a Chinese gift shop. I stopped in for a short visit and asked if he could show me some Guon Sheng Ti statues.

We looked at several and of course I liked the more expensive ones, but didn't feel financially stable enough to even put one on layaway. He has a fairly large one that he worships in the store and told me that most all of the Chinese temples place him to the right of the major dieties to keep away evil and offer him whiskey or wine and tobacco. He asked how I was doing with my healing and getting back to work and we discussed the "choked flow" of client referrals that was presenting me with my current financial challenge. He then got a phone call and while he was talking I saw the one I wanted - mounted on a rearing horse with his large sword ready for action and also for an affordable price.

I quickly purchased this amazing brass statue and headed home. The statue wanted to be hydrated so I held it under cool running water and chanted Kalki Karuppasamy's mantra a few times, patted him dry with a towel and placed his sword in his hand - immediately my phone rang with 2 client referrals that needed to be seen asap! Hurray!!!!! Kalki Karuppasamy saved the day!!!! And that's what I would call really fast results!!! I placed him on my altar and headed out to do some much needed work! I feel that the combination of Fire Labs, prayers, and hydrating this statue effected the positive change that miraculously happened today (a Mula day none the less). Much Love & Grace Light!!!!!

~ Participant in 8th Moon Evening Fire Lab in which Kalki Karuppasamy (a form of Vishnu) was invoked